JC Building ~ Days 1 & 2

Day One:

We raked off our plot, dug post holes, measured and cut poles.

Then we buried the posts, and began to duct tape our beams to them. We also dug a pit and filled it with rocks for our shower.

Day Two:

The guys helped each other put plastic on the roofs (you can see our neighbor’s house in the background).

Then we stapled the plastic to the beams, putting cardboards on the rough spots to keep them from cutting the plastic. After the roof was finished, we began working on our oven.

Below we are sitting in the cradle we made for our oven.

Then we placed a sheet of plastic over it and filled it with 4 inches of dirt to act as an insulator for the heat. We placed our oven on top, and surrounded it by more dirt. Tomorrow we get to cover most of it in clay. We also dug out a pit for our “fridge” (aka, metal buckets with lids).

Mark has been working from 6:30am to 9:00pm the past two days, and by the end of the day we are both exhausted! We’re so thankful for your prayers, as we’ve both been kept safe and Lauren has had energy to help out a lot more than she thought she would.


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