Jungle Camp 101

If you’ve talked to us lately, we’ve probably mentioned Jungle Camp at some point. We’ve kindof explained what Jungle Camp is on our blog, but below is one more summary of what that next six weeks entail.

Week 1 and 2:

Starting tomorrow morning, we have two weeks to build a small house to live in in the woods on campus here. We have a small plot and a pile of poles, along with duct tape, twine, plastic, and staples in which we can use to build our house. Mark won’t be able to use electricity to cut or saw the wood, and we’ll be working together with our classmates to put together our houses.

The oven that we’ll be building.

In the first few days, we are expected to have our walls and roof done. Then we can work on building our oven/stove, putting in wires and plumbing, building our furniture, etc., again, all from poles, sticks, twine, duct tape, and four nails (for our table), and then putting the plastic siding and door on our house.

For three days next week, the men in our class will be going on a 41km hike up in the Bruce Peninsula, and they will have to carry all of their equipment and meals in their backpacks.

Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6:

On June 16th, we will move all of our supplies and belongings that we will need for four weeks to our house, and our time living in Jungle Camp will begin. We aren’t able to come out of Jungle Camp if we forget something, so we have to make sure that we bring everything up on foot that we will need (food, cooking utensils, soap, clothes, books, etc.) during that time.

One of the houses from last year.

Our time in Jungle Camp is for us to experience living and studying in a different environment. The only electricity we will have is what we can run off a 12 volt car battery, and we won’t have access to the internet and can’t bring MP3 players, laptops, etc. Laundry will be done by hand, without washers and dryers. Nor will we have a fridge or freezer, so if we want meat it needs to be canned, and we can’t keep leftovers for more than a day.

Lauren and the ladies will also be going on a hike during Jungle Camp. They will be going on a 21km hike in the Bruce Peninsula, but they don’t have to carry their tents, camping stoves, etc. during the hike like the guys do.

Our daily activities will include chopping firewood, starting a fire for the stove any time we need to cook or need water for washing dishes or showering, tending to the garden, putting in 6 hours of studying a day for three days, etc. We will also have the opportunities to fellowship with our classmates through games, worship, meals, and work.

Please be praying for us and our classmates this week, for safety and energy. We’re so excited to start building tomorrow!


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