Jungle Camp Tech

This week we’re having three days of classes called Jungle Camp Tech. This is a very small taste of what is to come in our Tech Tips class that we’ll be having next semester. Our teacher is basically going over the things we’ll need to know for building and living in our house for Jungle Camp beginning next week.

On Monday, we learned about three stages of water filtration that NTM recommends for their missionaries. The first black thing on the left (pretty descriptive, eh?) is a pre-filter that removes organic material such as leaves, dead critters, etc. from our water. The white thing in the middle is the second stage which is a micro-filter. It is a ceramic silver-impregnated cone (like the ones in the British Berkefield) that removes bacteria and microogranisms that are greater than 0.2 microns in size. Last and most important of all is an ultraviolet purifier, the metal thing on the far right, that burns anything organic smaller than 0.2 microns that the micro-filter misses.

This system works pretty great, as it lasts a long time, and we’ve been told it can make even black water safe to drink!

Though we don’t need to purchase these filters for Jungle Camp, as they will have potable water available, these are things we will eventually have to purchase before going to the field.

Today we learned more in depth about direct currents. We learned how to measure voltage and wattage with a digital multi-meter, and how to calculate the amperage, as well, which is important to determine how full our solar system batteries are.

Then we learned how to calculate the optimum wire size for the circuits we’ll be having in our Jungle Camp house. Along with this our teacher showed us two different kinds of circuits, series and parallel and where to put light switches, fuses, and where to measure with the multi-meter. Below is an idea of how we could possibly wire our house if we wanted two lightbulbs (on a parallel circuit with one light switch).

Tonight for homework we get to decide how many light fixtures we want in our house, where we want them, how much wire we need, how much power we’ll need, where we’ll put our car battery, and so on.

We are both super excited to get started working on building our Jungle Camp house next week! Please be praying for us as we try to gather everything we need and prepare for these next six weeks.


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