Our Jungle Camp Plot

We just found out yesterday where we will be able to build our Jungle Camp house for the summer! Here is our plot:

For those who don’t know, part of our training includes a 6 week course during the summer, called Jungle Camp, that helps us with our preparation, team work, and learning to live without modern conveniences. We are given a 16′ x 20′ plot of land to build a house from for two weeks from wood, duct tape, twine, plastic, and staples, and then we live in it for the last four weeks.

We are currently working on house plans, buying tools and supplies, making a meal plan, canning meat and veggies, etc. in preparation for our four week stay in the woods.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for Jungle Camp, and also safety and energy as we, or Mark for the most part, will be having to put in 60-hour work weeks once we begin building.

We will be trying to post as often as we can throughout the building process, which is from June 4th to 15th. But once we move up to Jungle Camp we won’t be able to access the internet or phones, etc., from June 16th to July 12th.


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