Ode to a Car

ImageWell, it’s one of those things that I knew was coming but always hoped wouldn’t. Lauren and I had to take the insurance off of our vehicle in January due to the crime-like cost of insurance in Canada.

I have made the gut-wrenching decision to sell my old friend to someone else, someone who can drive it through open roads and busy streets, someone who can park it in a garage, or maybe a car port, yes, my car would like that.

Oh, the tragic loss! For you were my first car, and I loved you. From the laughs we shared at the drive-in theatre, to the trips we took to Bass Pro Shop, we have shared endless memories. But cry not for me, for although you will soon belong to another there are yet some rays of peace in this decision for it means that we will soon be free of the longingglances we shar   ed from time to time. Those sad looks of an uninsured vehicle and it’s wheel-less owner. Yes, you’ve had a good life, for you are a good car, fuel-efficient and reliable, and I know that you will be able to find happiness in being driven and loved by another.

Farewell, my friend! I will always keep you in my heart whether you be near, or far, for you were and always will be, my first car. 

A tear shed by a heartand engine forced apart. 

Mark D.


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