Bringing Believers to Maturity…

by Cathy Drobnick

A group of NTM of the Philippines missionaries, including church planters, trainers and future missionaries recently gathered to attend a Firm Foundations Bible lessons workshop taught by Dave Mough.

Was the time spent profitable?

“You bet!” Dave writes.  “Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from an attendee and a dear brother in Jesus: ‘We were encouraged very much … and thankful for all the things you’ve taught us …. We realized that we have a lot of things to learn …’ “

What exactly was this workshop about? “Building on Firm Foundations is NTM’s seven-course pathway of discipleship based upon Matthew 28:19-20 in which Christ gives the directive to ‘go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.’

Dave continues, “This implies not only seeing people saved, but includes discipling them to spiritual maturity in which they are obeying all that the Lord Jesus commands.”  Dave explains this maturity will be evidenced in ways such as treasuring God’s Word as the final authority, applying it to everyday life, and having a solid understanding of God’s grace and one’s position in Christ that leads to intentionally sharing the Gospel with the lost.

Christ’s mandate is the basis for NTM’s Firm Foundations Bible lessons.  This series of seven courses teaches in harmony with the way God revealed Himself to man, beginning in Genesis through the book of Revelation.

The first series of lessons is an overview from Creation to Christ’s ascension intended especially for unbelievers.  The second series reviews the same time period, with an emphasis for new believers on the security of the believer in Jesus.

The third series is a brief synopsis of the book of Acts and the example of the New Testament church and the fourth is a summary of the remaining books of the New Testament to help establish new believers in their walk with Christ and teach the function of the local church.

The fifth series is to help mature believers through another overview of Genesis to the ascension, emphasizing God’s sanctifying of His children. The sixth series is also for maturing believers and is a detailed exposition of the book of Acts.

The seventh and final series of lessons is a detailed exposition of the remainder of the New Testament.

Dave observes that by the completion of the seventh series of lessons, believers will have covered almost the entire Bible.

In Dave’s words, bringing believers to maturity is “no small task.”  Teaching Firm Foundations Bible lessons requires a long-term commitment.  Pray for Dave and the missionaries who attended this workshop.  Pray that God will give them encouragement and faithfulness in the ministry of teaching.  Pray also that God will use Firm Foundations Bible lessons to teach and mature believers in many countries for His glory.

You can teach with Firm Foundations, too! Great for Sunday Schools!

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