Just Being Honest

During my high school years I struggled through English class. I’m terrible at grammar, and possibly even worse at spelling. But one day I learned a word that has stuck with me: “facade”. I love the way it rolls off the tongue and so I looked for ways to apply it whenever I could.

This word can be used in a couple of ways. It can be used to describe the goofy looking front of some buildings. These facades make the building appear larger than it is. Often the buildings in the old west would have these. It has also been used to refer to a mask or costume worn to alter an individual’s appearance.

I got thinking about facades and fraud and I had to ask myself a question that I’ll also ask you. Have you ever worn a mask to hide who or how you are? Maybe re-phrasing the question will help. Have you ever told someone “I’m fine,” when really you weren’t? Why did you do that? The answer is simple, it’s hard to admit that we’re not “perfect.”

A young man once told me, “I know I have problems, I know I’m messed up, but as long as I don’t admit it maybe it isn’t true!”

But this kind of thinking just doesn’t work. If a plane has a broken wing, does not looking at the broken wing make it safe? Will a cup without a bottom hold water if we pretend it has one?

As I’ve said in previous posts, I spent much of my life lying to family, friends, and myself, not to mention God. I lied because I thought that realizing imperfection was a sign of weakness.

But you know what I found out? Jesus isn’t looking for me to wear a facade, He’s not interested in my best performance or for me to be “strong”. There’s nothing I can hide from Him, He knows all that I am, all my shortcomings and failures, and He’s the only One who can judge me for them. But the most amazing thing in the universe is this: He won’t because He’s already paid for them. All those nights of fear at the wrongs I’ve done and all those masks I wore don’t mean a thing to Jesus because He died to free me from them.

Listen, the reason I love and follow Jesus is because He doesn’t tell me to save myself, He reaches out and saves me! He grabs my hand and pulls me out of my facade, out of the lies that pin me down. He asks me to stand before the mirror of my life and look with honest eyes at my incredible failure to live up to His perfect standard and say, “Yes, Lord, I see myself and I see that I am not worthy. As the prodigal son said to His father, ‘I am unworthy even to be called your servant.’”

And as I stand in bitter agony at the helplessness of my flesh, horrified at the lashes that Jesus took for my sins, He reaches out, with nail pierced hands and pays gives me a gift. This perfect, holy Judge, whose standard I am unable to attain in my own strength, reaches out to me and gives me His love, His life, His righteousness.

Now I stand in the hope and victory that is mine through Jesus! I am not ashamed any more because now, when God looks down on me, in all my imperfect, sinful, inadequacies, Jesus steps in and says, “Father, I died for him.” And the Father doesn’t see me in my sinful imperfection. He doesn’t see my failures, my sin, or my flesh. He sees only His Son.

“Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.”

Ephesians 3:12 (NLT)

And because of this truth I can boldly say, “What’s your daddy do? Mine created the universe and I love Him!”

Just a thought from a sanctified sinner,


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