Day Two & Three of SC

Here’s what else we have been cooking for Scratch Cooking week:

On Tuesday, we had breakfast tacos for breakfast with the leftover tortillas we had from Monday night.

For lunch we ate spicy Thai noodles, one of our favorite dishes.

And for our Valentine’s supper Mark cooked a roast “steak” and I made dinner rolls.

For Wednesday’s breakfast we ate fried oatmeal with powdered milk (kind of like a cereal). We had Dave Brunn, a NTM missionary who specializes in translation help, over for lunch (and I forgot to take a picture in midst of my hurrying). But we had chicken and dumplings, with the dumpling recipe from Pioneer Woman (which rocks!).

For supper we had a fantastic bacon and jalapeno pizza. Mmm! Our favorite.

We’ve been eating pretty good so far this week!


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