Scratch Cooking Week Begins…

Tomorrow morning begins… Scratch Cooking week!

Last week we had a few afternoon classes where we learned how to make: tortillas, bread, pie crust, english muffins, dinner rolls, etc., to help prepare us for this week’s “assignment“: cooking from scratch for five days. This practice will help us become more comfortable in cooking in new environments (exp. Jungle Camp, overseas, in remote locations).

The rules for this week are:

  • No electrical appliances other than our stove and fridge (no microwave, slow cooker, toaster, coffee maker, blender, mixer, etc.)
  • Fast food/restaurants are off limits.
  • Use powdered milk instead of fresh.
  • No canned soups, sauces, pre-packaged mixes, cereals, etc.
  • Nothing from the freezer besides frozen meat.

So this week we will be posting some of the things we will be baking/cooking.

This week's "weapons"

If you have any favorite recipes that fall under these categories, please send them our way! We’d love to try them out this week.


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