Christmas break thus far…

Christmas eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day was spent at Mark’s parents house, which is only a five minute walk away. We ate Christmas pudding, made gingerbread houses, opened presents, went snowboarding, ate a ton of food, and played games with the family.

We then took the Megabus down to Pittsburg where we stayed for about five days to participate and celebrate in the wedding of our best friend, Cara, and her now husband, Dan.

This is our final week of break, and we have enjoyed having some extra time to get things done. We’ve slept, cleaned, baked, organized, snowboarded, sledded, played games with friends, and went on a date (thanks to one of the guys in youth). Tomorrow we’re going to eat dim sum with one of the families in our class, and then youth group starts up again on Saturday.

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! To those who are in the States, we missed you greatly!

Oh, and to let you all know we have heard back from the fields of Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, “Asia Pacific”, and Papua New Guinea. (We had contacted them during the first week of break asking for some general information about each NTM field). Please continue to pray that we will follow the Lord’s leading, and remain open to wherever He may have us!


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