Year in Review.

2011 has come and gone. Here are some of our favorite memories or important events during the year.

+ Mark recovered from having pneumonia during Christmas break.
+ We continued working as substitute teachers for the public school system.

+ Lauren began working as a day care teacher and Mark began teaching Tae Kwon do.

+ Lauren had her twentieth birthday.
+ We applied for MTC Canada.

+ We bought a little bantam chick.

+ Our friend, Matt, came to visit.


+ We went on a belated honeymoon trip to Costa Rica. Hiked up volcanoes and through rainforests, stayed in hostels and met people from all over the world, and swam and snorkeled through schools of tropical fish.
+ Lauren’s dad and sister came to visit us in Texas.

+ We were accepted to attend MTC Canada.

+ Our nephew, Levi, was born.

+ Mark went to the Gulf Coast to shore fish with Lauren’s uncle.
+Mark had two root canals.
+Mark moved to Canada to begin working at an ice cream factory for the summer.
+ Lauren continued to work in Texas, finishing out the school year.

+Lauren flew to California to visit her family and friends for the summer.
+Mark turned twenty-two.


+ Lauren went to Orange County, CA to visit her best friend, Cara, and her fiance, Dan.
+ Mark began getting involved in the youth group at DBC.
+ Lauren moved to Durham, Ontario.

+ We celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

+ We went spelunking.
+ We went with Mark’s sister to Canada’s Wonderland.

+ Our first semester began at MTC.


+ Mark and our neighbor, Seth, began teaching chronological Bible studies with the youth.
+ Our nephew, Gideon, was born.
+ Lauren became the church pianist for Durham Baptist Church.
+ Mark was diagnosed with hypoglycemia.


+ We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with our family, classmates, and youth group.

+ Went to Acquire the Fire with our youth group.


+ First snowfall of the year!
+ We learned how to can meat with a pressure cooker.

+ Went horseback riding with a family from our church.
+ Mark’s uncle, aunt, and cousins visit from the States.

+ We took the bus to Pennsylvania to attend our friend’s wedding.

Happy New Year everyone!


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