Thoughts on Conviction

Mark and our oldest nephew. We went to cut down a Christmas tree with Mark's parents.

What do you all think about conviction? Is it good? Do you like it? I think it’s safe to say that few (if any) of us enjoy the feeling though we tend to be quick to throw it on others. I’ve come upon a lot of personal conviction lately and I’m pretty sure that I fall with the majority when I say that I don’t find the feeling pleasant, but I can definitely see it’s usefulness.

How do I treat my wife? Is my attitude towards her and others Christ-like? What of the media that I am constantly filling my head with? Is that spurring me towards God or the world? So many questions, so many empty answers. When it all comes down to this life and my decisions I can see that the world’s slithery tentacles are grabbing ahold of what should be a Christ focused mind.I’ve been looking to my future.

Lauren and her friends at the Ugly Christmas Sweater party on campus.

I’ve been thinking about what life will be like when I’m a father (no, we aren’t pregnant), when I’m in a foreign country doing ministry, and all these other scenarios that I have planned for my future. Thoughts come to mind about how I want to father and the way I want to deal with different issues that arise within my home and abroad, and often my imagination of what will happen is viewed through rose colored glasses. But how can I know how I will act until that particular situation comes about? This question has been on my mind and I’ve come to the realization that I can gain an idea by examining the direction I’m heading in now. If I want to travel to Texas why would I go north? If I want to become stronger why would I sit around and eat donuts? If I want to become more like Christ, why am I persisting in the things of this world? Common sense, Mark.

Fact is that I have to become submissive to the working AND CONVICTING of the Holy Spirit if I am ever to live a Christ centered life. Just as an ancient ship on the seas had to open its sails in order to get anywhere, so I must open myself to the moving power of the Holy Spirit instead of feebly trying to paddle from here to eternity.

Just some thoughts.


  • We have two weeks before we finish our first semester here at MTC!
  • Our friend, Cara, is getting married at the end of the month.
  • We are learning so much from all of our classes. We are so thankful for all of the teachers here on staff!
  • We will be spending Christmas with Mark’s family, including familly coming up from Connecticut.


  • That we will be able to find affordable all-season tires for our car. That we will trust in the Lord’s provision for these.
  • For safe travels this upcoming month. We will be taking a bus down to Pennsylvania for the wedding of our dear friend, Cara.
  • For our classmates who aren’t able to return home for Christmas – that they won’t be homesick.
  • That the Lord will be able to keep us here in training.

Until every tribe has heard or Christ takes us home:

Mark (& Lauren)
Durham, ON


2 Comments on “Thoughts on Conviction

  1. Hey there. I finally got around to reading this post – and it is very thoughtful and very well written. I like the images you use to help the thoughts move along. Makes me think much.
    I read from the top of your blog down, did I go past this one or stop here? I’m not sure. I enjoyed reading it. Wondering where you’ll end up. Looks like you guys are enjoying your lives and the snow and cold!!! Brrrrrr. Take care – love & hugs,

  2. PS I have copied and saved your thoughts on conviction in my “quotes” section of my documents. I couldn’t delete the email it came in on, without doing that. Thought you’d like to know your words and thoughts have been saved as a quote! Thanks!!!

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