Hearing God’s story for the first time!

by Dena McMaster (NTM News)

More than 150 North Wahgi people (in Papua New Guinea) listened to the first teaching of the Firm Foundation lessons in their village last week.

Missionary Andrew Wilson carefully explained that God existed before everything else and that He created everything. It was obvious that as people listened they were already beginning to question their beliefs and the good works they had done expecting to win favor with God.

Though some were still putting their trust in a works religion they had been taught, others were listening intently and absorbing God’s Word.

“Some came to hear an outsider speaking their language, others came because they were just curious, others came because they think they have to and still others came because they have a genuine interest,” wrote Andrew. “For whatever reason, we are glad and we left them with a challenge from God’s Word to take home with them.”

There was a buzz going through the whole village as people began to discuss what they had heard. Many admitted that this new talk was confusing.

Then one of Andrew’s North Wahgi translation co-workers spoke up and told them not to worry if they are confused now, because he too had many questions as he began helping Andrew check lessons. He told them that if they keep coming back the lessons will come clear.

“We are encouraged with today and look forward to what the Lord does in the next weeks,” Andrew wrote.

Pray for the North Wahgi people as they listen to the Firm Foundation Bible lessons. Pray that many will continue to listen intently and begin to realize that their religion of works will not gain favor with God and that they need a Savior. Pray too that the missionary team teaching the lessons will have God’s strength and power to penetrate the traditions that have made so many of the North Wahgis settle for a system of works rather than a living Savior.

Read more updates about the North Wahgi people.


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