turkey, family, and fellowship

This past week we celebrated American Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Being in Canada during this time was difficult for me, Lauren, knowing that my family in California and in Texas were both getting together, cooking my great-grandmother’s infamous stuffing, and spending time with each other watching the parade or football. It gave me a little taste of what might be to come when we are living overseas during American or Canadian holidays. It’s hard to get into the Thanksgiving “spirit” when there isn’t a day off school or not many others are celebrating it. I was very thankful, though, to have family and dear friends to spend time with last week.

On Tuesday evening we went over to Mark’s parents’ house, where we ate a wonderful meal with all of his siblings and our niece and nephews. (Mark’s dad is a dual-citizen, in case you were wondering).

On Thursday night we celebrated Thanksgiving with many families on campus, potluck style. It was a great time of fellowship, and there was so much food!

Hope everyone in the States, and all the Americans abroad, had a great Thanksgiving!


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