We can can meat??

This past week two wonderful ladies on staff, one a former missionary to Venezuela and the other a former missionary to “Asia Pacific”, taught our class how to can meat (both “hot pack” and “raw pack”) with a pressure cooker. Yum?

We learned this just in time, as the hydro (aka, electricity) went out on Friday night, knocking out the power to one of the basement rooms that houses our deep freezer. We didn’t find out about it till Sunday afternoon, so we spent that evening and night canning the majority of our meat since it had thawed out.

Using a pressure cooker was slightly intimidating as it produced many unusual and discomforting sounds, lol. Canned meat also doesn’t look too appetizing, but we’ve heard it tastes great! Hopefully it will be a nice treat while we are living in Jungle Camp when we won’t have a fridge!

Mark chopping up ALL the turkey.

Lauren pouring the meats into the jars.

The finished product: three jars of sausages (Mark thinks they look like canned bananas), four jars of sliced ham, eight jars of diced turkey. Looks delish, right?


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