Acquire the Fire

Lauren and several of the youth during the Flame concert.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend Acquire the Fire in Toronto with several youth groups from Durham, Hanover, and Mount Forest. We rode buses down on Friday afternoon and didn’t get home until 3am Sunday morning. We had such a blast spending time with the youth, listening to very motivational speakers, and learning to become more passionate in worshipping our God and Saviour. We are excited to see how this weekend has impacted the lives of our youth! Please be praying for us this Saturday as we get to talk with the guys and girls about what they have learned or questions they may have about God, the Bible, or salvation.

Originally we had been given seats in the overflow room (lame!), but then they moved us to the front row (awesome!).

The music was SO loud that some of us sat in the back with the group from the Hanover Missionary Church. The bass was so strong it was shaking our pant legs and rattling our rib cage!

Mark got to meet one of his favorite Christian rappers, Flame. Such an awesome man of God! You should check out his songs!


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