Red, orange, and yellow.

Every day during the week we have Afternoon Work Program from 1:30 to 4:30pm. We clean the classrooms, offices, daycare rooms, etc. as well as maintaining the property and learning practical skills (such as welding, carpentry, using chain saws, fixing lawn mowers and small engines, and more).
This past week leaves were falling off the trees left and right, covering the ground in a beautiful golden color. Sadly, we have to rake them all up before it begins to snow.

During: We had lots of fun raking together, though it was quite a work out! Who knew leaves could be so heavy!

After: Piles of leaves which we took to the compost pile.

We don’t have work program this week, as we are having a seminar during the afternoons instead. So we will have a lot of leaves to rake the week after!

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