Classes this Semester

Ah, now that we have internet back (lightning fried our routers) we can share more about what is going on. It’s amazing how “lost” you feel without the internet for about 5 days or so. Can’t check the weather, e-mail, Skype family, Facebook friends, etc. haha. It was a relaxing break, but it’s nice to be connected again.

Last week we had orientation and this week was our first week of classes! We were given an amazing introduction and purpose behind the training, and what New Tribes Mission does, so hopefully we’ll be able to communicate this with y’all over time.

A lot of you may be wondering what we are learning here these next 18 months of training.

The classes we will be having fall onto three different threads: Biblical Foundations, Missional Lifestyle, and Church Planting. This semester we will be taking:

Roots 1 (Chronological Bible Teaching)
Culture & Language Acquisition Tenets
Relationship Principles
Form & Meaning
Cross-Cultural Communication
Time Management
Big Picture
Old Testament Survey
Philosophy of Foundational Bible Teaching
Family Life

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