New Tribes missionary Jason Swanson prays for the Siawi church.

New Tribes Mission seeks to establish mature churches among people who are isolated from the gospel.  After teaching chronologically in the tribes’ own language and culture, believers are discipled to lead the church and partner in the Great Commission.


One thing we have been studying lately is the Mature Church Model (MCM), in other words, what a mature church should look like. When do we know that our ministry is “done” and we can work our selves out of leading the church, and eventually leave the tribe. If our goal is to plant a church, not only should be know what we should be looking for, but we also need to display this same principles and grow in them in our own lives as well. We are looking forward not only for classes, but also for discipleship outside of classes, and becoming more like Christ, who is our Head and our example.


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