Canada Culture #6

Hope your feet aren’t stinky, because one thing that is engrained in all Canadians is taking off your shoes (whether it be flip flops, boots, or sneakers/runners) before you enter a person’s house. It’s considered inconsiderate, or even rude, to walk around someone’s house with your shoes on, even on tile or linoleum floors.

When you go to Tim Horton’s in Canada and order a small coffee, be prepared for a few gulps and understand that it is not a scam. A small at Timmie’s is 8 oz., a medium is 10 oz., a large is 14 oz., and an extra-large is 20 oz. (though a few Tim Horton’s in Ontario are changing their small to a 10 oz.).

At Starbuck’s in the States a small/tall is 12 oz., a medium/grande is 16 oz., a large/venti is 20 oz., and an extra-large/trenta is 31 oz.

That’s a pretty big difference. I remember how surprised Mark was when he first came to the States and ordered a large shake from Burger King, hahaha. He got a lot more than he was expecting, but he didn’t complain. It’s just difficult when you return to Canada and order a coffee that looks like a kid size in the States.


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