Canada Culture #5

Differences between Canadian and American vocabulary:

Here are a few differences I’ve noticed when in Canada.

Canadian Sayings & Phrases

Canadian / American

“How did you make out?” / “How did that work for you?” *Usually referred to trying on clothes*

“Don’t be cheeky.” / “Don’t be disrespectful.”

“I’d like a Double-Double, please.” / “I’d like two creams and two sugars in my coffee.”

“The hydro is out.” / “The electricity is out.”

“Where is your washroom?” / “Where is your bathroom?”

“I’m in grade 10.” / “I’m in tenth grade.”

“Is this your tuque?” / “Is this your toboggan?” or “Is this your beanie?”

“He went to the Emerge.” / “He went to the Emergency Room.”

“Yes, it’s spitting outside.” / “Yes, it’s sprinkling outside.”

“Don’t forget your runners.” / “Don’t forget your sneakers.”

“Do you like Kraft Dinner?” / “Do you like macaroni and cheese?”

“I need some serviettes.” / “I need some napkins.”

“Would you like a freezie?” / “Would you like a freeze pop?” or “Would you like an ice pop?”

“What are you doing for March Break?” / “What are you doing for Spring Break?”

“Do you like Smarties in your ice cream?” / “Do you like M&Ms in your ice cream?”

“Would you’s want to come with us?” / “Would you guys want to come with us?”

How to Use the Infamous “eh?”

“You like cream in your tea, eh?” / “You like cream in your tea, right?”

“Yeah, I know, eh?” / “Yeah, I know, right?”

“Eh?” / “Huh?” or “What did you say?”

“It’s raining, eh?” / “Did you know it’s raining?”

Spelling Differences

Cancelled / Canceled

Cheque / Check

Colour / Color

Favourite / Favorite

Fibre / Fiber

Licence / License

Litre / Liter

Metre / Meter

Pyjamas / Pajamas

Travelling / Traveling

Yogourt / Yogurt


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