Canadian Culture #4

The Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Current Exchange:
$1 USD = $0.98 CAD
$1 CAD = $1.01 USD

Ah, it’s so nice to see bills that are multi-colored and not just plain green. I’m not saying I dislike American money, but trying to find a $5 or $10 in my wallet is just so much easier now because Canadian bills are all different colors. The only downside is that carrying around a bunch of Loonies weighs down my wallet.
Here is what Canadian currency looks like:
(Note: The back of Canadian coins depict the reigning monarch at the time of issue. Queen Elizabeth II is on the back of most of these coins).
1c (aka, Penny), Maple Leaf Branch
5c (aka, Nickel), Beaver
10c (aka, Dime), the famous Canadian schooner, Bluenose
25c (aka, Quarter), Caribou
50c (aka, Half Dollar), Coat of Arms of Canada
$1 (aka, Loonie), Loon

$2 (aka, Toonie), Polar Bear
$5, Sir Wilfred Laurier, 7th Prime Minister of Canada

$10, Sir John A. MacDonald, 1st Prime Minister of Canada
$20, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada

$50, William Lyon Mackenzie King, 10th Prime Minister of Canada
There is also a $100 bill.
Alright, so now that you feel familiar with using Canadian money, why not come visit us and try it out?

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