Time to Get in the Water

by David Bell, NTM Field News

Seventeen Uriay believers gave testimony Sunday as they followed the Lord in baptism.

One of the Uriay men, Noel, composed a couple of songs for the occasion and missionary Elias Struik gave a brief message about salvation and baptism.

“I am ready for this,” Fabel said as he emphasized what baptism meant to him. “No, the water doesn’t cleanse me from sin. Jesus did that for me on the cross. Baptism is the picture of that. He paid my sin-debt with His blood on the cross.”

“My sin-debt was carried away by Jesus,” said Noel. “I know it’s Him only. There is nothing I could do.”

“Finally,” Aendru said, “it’s time to go in the water. I’m here to follow Jesus’ words.”

“I believe in Jesus. He is the only way,” said Kobi. “He is the One that brought me back to God.”

“What other way is there?” Imi asked. “No, Jesus is the only way. By being baptized I show that I follow Him.”

“I want to be baptized,” Maria said. “I understand that Jesus took my place on the cross.”

“I am so glad,” said Dakruma. “I come with great joy in my belly to obey Jesus’ talk about baptism.”

“I believe and that is why I come to be baptized,” Tyems said. “Jesus only saved me by dying on the cross for me.”

“I’ve understood God’s Talk,” said Keyna. “I want to follow Him and I am so happy.”

“I know only Jesus’ blood and not the water of the river straightened my sin-debt,” said Tabe.

“Yes, Jesus died for me,” Nawwiem said. “He was buried for me. He was raised from death for me. That is what I am showing through baptism.”

“Although I am afraid from what people think, I want to follow Jesus’ talk,” said Paetrik. “I believe in Him. He is my sin-debt-carrying-away-man.”

Joy radiated from the faces of each individual as they gave clear testimony of their understanding of what Christ did for them.

“What a privilege to witness the Lord working in the lives of our tribal brothers and sisters,” Elias wrote. “Fellow tribal believers have grasped the change of the eternal destiny because of Jesus and are enjoying that walk with the Creator of the universe.”

Aendrien, Fena, Mekret, Stenli and Tayna were also among those who were baptized and gave a clear testimony of the faith in Christ.

Please pray for these believers to have a strong witness among the Uriay people as they continue their walk with Him.

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