Canadian Culture #3

How to be able to drive your car in Canada
(aka, How to obtain car insurance in Ontario)

Who knew that this would be such a lengthy process for us. Mark began looking for car insurance when he arrived on May 25th, and our car was not insured until this very day, August 4th.

For all of those who were praying for us, your prayers worked! Thank you so much!

Here are few of the steps we’ve had to go through:

  1. Request Mark’s driver’s abstracts from Michigan and Texas (wait three weeks).
  2. Obtain Mark’s Letters of Experience and proof of insurance from former insurance agents.
  3. Visit the Ministry of Transportation to exchange Mark’s Texas license for a full G Ontario license.
  4. Replace the car’s headlight.
  5. Research and find an auto insurance quote for an affordable rate (entails calling or visiting every insurance place in town, and every major insurance company online).
  6. Apply for auto insurance.
  7. Realize that they also need Lauren’s driver’s abstracts from California, Michigan, and Texas as well as Letters of Experience (wait a few weeks).
  8. Finalize auto insurance application and give our banking account information.
  9. Wait to receive fax with confirmation of policy number.
  10. Visit Service Ontario to purchase our new license plates.
  11. Take a form to the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) to let them know we have lost our former license plates.
  12. Take that signed form back to Service Ontario so they can take our plates out of their system.
  13. Put our new car insurance information into the glove box of the car.
  14. Screw on the new license plates onto the car, as well as putting on the validation sticker.
  15. Fill car with power steering fluid and gas.
  16. Drop car and car part off at auto shop.
  17. Now waiting for car to be fixed!
  18. Hopefully will be driving our car by Monday!
  19. If there are any more steps, it would only be purchasing a few winter tires and possibly getting Lauren an Ontario driver’s license (if required).
(this is not our license plate, btw)
*note* Not every student has to go through this process, especially ones from the States. We had to go through this because we bought our car in Ontario a few years ago, thus we had to buy Canadian auto insurance. If you are an American student coming to MTC, you would only need your American car insured by a place in the States (We think).

Wow, this makes me exhausted just reading through this again. Haha, and if you’ve seen us run around camp like a chicken with its head cut off during the past few days, this is what we’ve been up to. We are so glad this process is almost over, and so thankful that we were able to find auto insurance that we could afford! God is good!


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