Jungle Camp

Here are some pics of Jungle Camp from this summer. Jungle Camp is a six-week program in which the students build a house during the first two weeks, and then live secluded in the jungle (aka, forest) with the rest of their classmates for the last four weeks. We won’t have Jungle Camp till next summer, but we enjoyed looking at the 2nd year students’ houses. Pretty awesome!

Jungle Camp!

Seth & Rochelle’s house. They did such a great job on it!

Here is the single ladies’ house. We loved how open it was.
Their oven/stove with bunkbeds to the left.

Refrigerators lol

The shower

The bathroom sink

Can’t wait till next summer! It’s going to be so much fun, yet we know we will both be extremely challenged! Looking forward to all the training we will receive before then.


2 Comments on “Jungle Camp

  1. Hey y'all just finished reading your email, looking at the links and reading. The jungle houses look great – rustic and like something either someone with purpose or younger than me would be doing. (I'm smiling.) Love the apartment – it is open and spacious. Enjoyed reading and thinking about it all. Love to you both! Take care, Jenn

  2. I just saw my description in your family blog listing. Blessed us both big time. Thanks bunches. A ton of hearts and smiles to y'all!

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