Apartment Tour!

Here is a tour of our newest home: Apartment 31B.
*pardon the blurriness, I didn’t realize I was still on manual focus*
Our apartment building:

Here is the view from our front door.
So big and open! The bedroom, bathroom, and office are off to the right.
The living room

Our dining room
The kitchen
I’m a little overwhelmed with all the cabinet space we have, but hey, I’m not going to complain!
Our bedroom
(Huge closet is not pictured)
Our AMAZING bathroom!
This is what I am most excited for!

(picture of office to come)
Our back porch

It is definitely a step up from our last apartment as we now have running water in the kitchen, our own bathroom WITH a huge tub, a front and back porch. Oh, and we no longer have a helicopter pad right outside our window, lol. We feel so blessed to be living here and are amazed at God’s provision.
One more month still our training begins!

4 Comments on “Apartment Tour!

  1. Wow, much better then what we will be having in Roach I think! But I am very happy for you guys! That bathroom does look nice. 🙂

  2. haha I loved what you said about it being a step up from your last apartment as I TOTALLY understand since we had the one right next to you this past year! We're uber excited about running water this school year.

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