Canada Culture #2

Dairy. Something I take for granted living in the States, especially in Texas. Milk is no longer $0.98 a gallon, nor are eggs $0.39 a dozen and butter for $1.50. Milk is now $4.46 for a gallon (4 litres to be exact). Eggs are $2.44 a dozen and butter is around $3.45. *Note* The dairy prices are more expensive because they are regulated by the government to ensure that farmers are paid a fair price for their milk. Confused? Here is an essay that explains it.

In Canada, milk is not usually found in its normal plastic jug container. It is usually sold in a large plastic bag with four one-litre bags inside of it. There is a special pitcher that holds the one-litre bags of milk, like ours below. The first time I visited Mark’s family in Ontario, I was surprised and slightly weirded out by the fact that you poured your milk out of a bag instead of a sturdy jug with a tightly-fastened lid. I was glad to learn that milk still tasted the same haha (the open bag doesn’t seem to effect the taste of the milk, or cause the milk to sour quickly). It still comes from cows and still tastes great with cookies. Woohoo!

So now milk in bags seems completely normal. What is harder to me to adapt with is that butter doesn’t come in measured out sticks, but in a big block. This makes cooking and baking with butter a hassle, but hey, since it’s more difficult it makes you want to use it less, which in turn results in not buying as much butter.
Thus ends the Canadian dairy escapades (until I discover more).

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