Canada Culture #1

For our American friends and family, I, Lauren, will be writing a “culture” post every once and a while. This will simply express the subtle differences in culture between the States and Canada, and hopefully share a few things that are different that I am becoming acquainted with. Maybe this will evolve into little tidbits of the culture of whatever country we hope to someday minister to. Who knows? Until then, here is…

Culture #1

Border Crossing

Mark and I have crossed over the border many times before, but I have never had to do anything beyond showing the border guards my passport and answer redundant questions (Did you bring any food, explosives, or weapons? Are you taking with you more than $10,000 CA? Where do you live? Where are you visiting? How long will you stay there? When will you return to the States? How are you related to Mark? How long have you been married? How come he is Canadian and you are American? Is he planning on applying for sponsorship? What is your status in Canada?).

This time was different because I had to ask for a Study Permit since we will be students in Canada for the next 1.5 to 2 years. The border guard gave me a yellow slip to take to Immigrations where we then presented our passports, bank account statement, and two letters from MTC Canada, and oh yah, some cash. They stapled the Study Permit into my passport, and I can now legally live and study in Canada for two years, woohoo!


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