2,581 Miles Apart

June 11, 2011
Update from Mark:

I always love it when the Lord teaches me or provides for me in a way that is really just fun or exciting. Though I can’t say that I find working at Chapman’s Ice Cream fun or exciting, it is a huge provision and one that I am extremely thankful for. I have been working either six eight-hour shifts or four twelve-hour shifts per week. As monotonous as it is at times, I am very grateful for the Lord’s providence.

Mark caught some trout to freeze from the lake on campus.
I arrived in Canada on May 25th after more than 11 hours of traveling and waiting in airports. I’m so happy to be back in Canada though I must say I miss Texas. I found out what apartment Lauren and I will be staying at during our training here and I will be moving our stuff in on the 17th of June. Now, my English teacher, Mrs. Penner, always told me never to use the word “stuff” but after going through it and packing it all up there really is no better way to describe it so I’m going to stick with that word.

Lauren helped Grandpa kill this snake in the chicken coop.
Lauren flew out to California on June 7th and then will be joining me here on the 12th of July. Let me just say that whoever coined the phrase, “Distance makes the heart grow stronger,” was spot on. I’m missing my lovely wife so much and I can’t believe it has only been a few weeks; it feels like forever.
Please pray for me as I work at Chapman’s (particularly that the shifts would go quickly) and for Lauren as she travels across the country. School begins on August 29th, and we’re so thankful for the opportunity we have to train here and serve the Lord in missions later on in our lives, and most of all for all of you who read our updates and pray for us, we couldn’t do this without your love and support. We would also like to thank our brothers and sister-in-Christ here in Texas for their hospitality, encouragement, and discipleship this past year! We have been beyond blessed!

Lauren and her family hiking at a California beach.


  • Mark is back with his family again.
  • Mark has a summer job in Ontario, Canada.
  • Lauren is visiting her parents and sister for a month.
  • We were able to purchase affordable glasses for Lauren.


  • Mark’s two new root canals and crowns are still giving him trouble. The dentist in Texas was not very helpful, so he has another dentist appointment in Ontario this coming Friday. Please pray that the dentist will be able to fix whatever that problem is, so that we won’t have to continue receiving costly dentistry.
  • Keep our future classmates in your prayers as we all prepare for our upcoming training this August.
  • For us both as we are apart; that this time will strengthen our marriage.

With much love and until every tribe has heard:

Mark & Lauren
Durham, ON (and Concord, CA)

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