Recent Happenings…

Things have been so busy lately, here are a few things that have happened recently:

The little rooster has begun to crow.

Mark had two root canals, and is now waiting for his crowns. Please pray that they will be ready before he leaves on Wednesday!

Mark and our uncle, Alan, went on a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast. They didn’t catch any sharks, but they did catch some red fish, speckled trout, and sting rays!

Our room is slightly chaotic as we have begun our packing process. So far we have two boxes and three suitcases. Thank goodness we are flying Southwest, they offer two free bags per person.

We had the opportunity to talk with our church this past Sunday about the Missionary Training Centre and tribal church planting. We will both miss this church so much!

Our garden is slowly, but surely, growing. It doesn’t help that this has been one of the driest springs on record (for Texas), but it’s suppose to rain this weekend! We have carrots, broccoli, lettuce, garlic, english peas, white onions, purple onions, bush beans, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, corn, cucumber, and orange-fleshed watermelon.
Lauren signed up to participate in the Relay for Life, which is a fundraiser/24-hourwalk for cancer. She is walking in memory of her grandma, papa, great-grandmother, and Mark’s grandpa. If you would like make donations for her team, please visit this link.

Mark and Grandpa repaired the windows in the greenhouse that shattered during those awful storms a week ago.

The rooster, aka “Little Man”, wanted in on the action, too. He flew up onto our backs to get a better view and to give his approval.

6 days till Mark is back in Canada!

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