Back in Texas, for a little while

Wow, what a couple of weeks! Yes, we are back in Texas again. We had a great trip to Costa Rica! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

We saw several volcanos, even hiked up a dormant one and then waded in its crater lake, and we enjoyed all the enormous and magnificent trees in the rainforest. Then we headed over to the Caribbean coast with our main focus on snorkeling. The water was so clear! Definitely different from the Gulf coast, haha. We saw flounders, lionfish, stingrays, reef sharks, angel fish, parrot fish, sea urchins, crabs, and hundreds of other tropical fish swimming in the water.

Mark’s favorites: Snorkeling, seeing all of the fish, laying in the hammocks, picking coconuts, and eating plantanos maduros.
Lauren’s favorites: The rainforest trees, volcanos, talking to people in Spanish, watching and listening to the parrot fish eat corral, and eating all of the great food!
We had a wonderful time, though we are so glad to be home again.
Mark leaves for Canada in 19 days! So please pray for us as we begin packing all of our belongings. Also pray that Mark would be able to get a job. He is applying for Chapman’s ice cream and a construction company where his friend works (hoping for the construction job).
Lauren has about five weeks left of teaching 3’s and 4’s, and then she’ll be off to California.

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