Happy Texas Independence Day!

175 years ago today, fifty-nine representatives in Texas gathered at Washington on the Brazos (River) and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836, freeing Texas from the country of Mexico and becoming the Republic of Texas.

On December 29, 1845, Congress admitted Texas to the U.S. as a constituent state of the Union , and the 28th state of the U.S.

Neat Trivia Facts:

  • The Texas flag is the only state flag that can be flown at the same level as the United States flag (when on separate poles).
  • Texas is the only state to have the flags of 6 different nations fly over it. They are: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.
  • Although six flags have flown over Texas, there have been eight changes of government: Spanish (1519-1685), French (1685-1690), Spanish (1690-1821), Mexican (1821-1836), Republic of Texas (1836-1845), United States (1845-1861), Confederate States (1861-1865), and United States (1865-present).

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