"Helpless to Tell"

Menas & Craig

We received this letter through a friend of ours. These NTM missionaries are working with the Nduga people in “Asia Pacific”.

“Hey guys, it is with a heavy heart that I write this tonight.

Today has been a crazy day. We had a sick guy that needed to be flown out to town and so when the Heli came in to take him out, it brought with it a guy named Menas. We flew him out as a sick man with TB two weeks ago and today he was brought back in to die. The hospital tried to help him but he was too far gone. He had whittled away to nothing over the last two weeks while he was out in town and now is maybe 80 pounds or so. He just died a few minutes ago and so we ask you for your prayers. I guess I have never seen a friend die who never had the chance to hear the gospel until now.

Menas helped us the most on our first trip in here and has been a good friend over the last year. One of the hardest things is to sit and look a friend in the face that you know does not know the Lord and yet because of the language and worldview barrier be helpless to tell him.

Anyway we are feeling the weight of the urgency here more than ever and it is kind of a crushing weight. We ask that you not only pray for strength for us but also that God would spare the lives of others here until we can communicate the truth of God’s word to them. God is good and He has a plan, sometimes it is just hard to see it from this side of eternity and so we have to just trust Him and know that He is good. Keep us in your prayers as we keep trusting in Christ.”

-Craig Shafer
Please keep the Nduga people and the NTM families in your prayers as they learn the language and culture in order to translate God’s Word into their language, and present them with the gospel.

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