Learning to Love

I thought this would be appropriate since Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Though the Siawis are learning to love, there are still many tribal groups who don’t even have the word or concept of love in their language! What a challenge when you are trying to teach them about a personal and loving God and Savior.

Forty Siawi men in Papua New Guinea accepted the challenge of learning to love their wives.

Missionary Jason Swanson decided to teach the “Love Dare” course (using ideas from the movie Fireproof) to Siawi believers, hoping that it would clearly demonstrate how to love your wife.

“This was exactly what they needed,” wrote missionary Linda Krieg. “The Siawi men have never really understood how to love their wives. There is nothing in their culture that shows them this.”

“The biggest challenge seemed to be when Jason challenged them to give their wives something of theirs that they had, and their wife didn’t. That really shocked them. You only do that if you have two of the items. Jason was asking them to do without and let their wife have the item. What a horrifying idea. Yet the Holy Spirit used that to convict some of them at least, and bring them to the point of loving their wife even more than themselves.”

On the second day of the challenge Jason asked the men to find a new, creative way to show love to their wives. Several of the men replied that it would bring shame to them if they did “women’s work.” Jason told them to remember the example of Jesus. “Did he take shame for us?” Jason asked. “Then let’s be willing to take shame for him.”

One of the believers, Nokee, asked God to help him with the challenge. His prayer shows us that the Siawi men are learning to love even though they are facing some tough decisions.

Oh Father, help us. We are not good at loving our wives. Before, we didn’t know what the road of loving our wives was like. We didn’t know how big and hard that road is. Now we know and want to love them and follow you. But it is hard. We are not strong. But for you nothing is hard.

The end of the 21 days of “Love Dare” is coming soon. Please pray that the Siawi men will learn how to love their wives in the way Christ loved the Church.


One Comment on “Learning to Love

  1. That was so neat to read about. I hope if there are any updates that you'll post those too. I'd love to hear how the Love Dare transforms this community.

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