Snow and 3’s

Sunday morning, as we were leaving church, it began to snow! Huge Texan-sized snowflakes fell from the sky and stuck to the ground near where we live. Here are a few pics:

The house

I (Lauren) finished my second week of being a daycare teacher to a group of three and four year olds. They are all sooo sweet.

This week we read,

The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

and Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton

The kids love crafts, and so do I! This week we made popsicle stick snowflakes and paper plate snowmen.

We proudly displayed our work on our door,

*notice several cowboy snowmen

We are also working on learning our numbers and being able to do simple addition. It’s a challenge, but they are so quick to learn!

These kids are sooo much fun to work with! They love to take naps, love to paint, and it is so funny to watch one of the boys sleep in fairy wings (part of the dress-up clothes), or listen to a boy and girl debate about how many deer they shot hahaha.


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