What is MTC?

We have begun our application process to attend the Missionary Training Centre, the second stage of training for New Tribes Mission.

Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions along with our answers according to what we currently know.

Missionary Training Centre during the winter.

What is MTC?
MTC stands for Missionary Training Centre (or Missionary Training Course). It is the name of the two-year program that New Tribes Missions requires their prospective missionaries to attend.

Where is it?
The Missionary Training Centre (MTC) is located in Durham, Ontario, Canada – two hours northwest of Toronto. There is also a MTC located in Camdenton, Missouri, USA and England.

Some of the classrooms and housing on campus.

Where will you live?
There are apartments located on campus, all ranging in size. Some have water accessible, and some do not.

Do you need a visa?
Mark does not need a visa since he is a dual citizen, both Canadian and American, but because Lauren does not have her Canadian permanent residency she will be required to apply for a student visa.

A view of the lake on campus.

What will you do each day?
In the morning we will attend classes in a normal college setting. After a lunch break we will then spend the afternoons in Practical Training Class where students help the staff take care of the property and facilities. Then we have the evenings off; eating supper, doing homework, playing sports like soccer and hockey, hanging out with staff and fellow classmates, etc.

What classes will you take?
We will be taking classes that will prepare us for church planting and culture and language acquisition. Classes will range from Animism, Time Management, Chronological Teaching, Basic Grammar, Phonetics, International Health and Wellness, Bible Translation Fundamentals, Church Planting, and those are just to name a few.

One of the classrooms at MTC.

Who are your teachers?
All of the teachers and staff are full-time missionaries with New Tribes Mission (NTM), and thus are not paid. This is one of the reasons why the cost is so inexpensive. The majority of the teachers have served overseas with NTM, and have so much experience and wisdom to offer to the students.

How long is your training?
Our training will be two years, four semesters in total. There is also a six-week program, called Jungle Camp, during the summer between the first and second year.

Do you get a degree?
After completing our training, we will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Culture and Biblical Studies. We have already received an Associate’s in Biblical Studies from attending New Tribes Bible Institute.

What happens after graduation?
After we graduate, we will then continue to work and raise support so that we can go to the field as soon as possible. We will also apply for visas, etc., during that time. Our desire is to work as tribal church planters for 30 to 50 years, God willing.

Visit these links for more information about New Tribes Mission
or the Missionary Training Center.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


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