Hockey and Rattlesnakes

What do they have in common?


Saturday was busy day at our house. While Mark went to feed the homeless with the church, Lauren was helping out with her Aunt’s bridal shower. (We are going to have a baby cousin, Sarah Joy, around Christmas time). I also made another fondant cake! I know I said I wouldn’t, but I didn’t do anything fancy this time, just white with lavender polka dots…which turned out alright.

After the shower we drove to the American Airline Center in Dallas. Mark’s cousin is in the air force, based in Wichita Falls, and bought us some tickets for a hockey game! It was the best hockey game ever, and we had a blast! I learned what a shoot out was, and that hockey players get “jersey-ied” not “shirt-ed” haha.

We got awesome seats from Mark’s cousin, 3 rows away from the ice!!
Thanks Josh!

Then today after the community Thanksgiving service, Mark and I went to pen up the chickens. As we walked by the house we heard a rattling sound which we thought it was a little bird, because it was so peaceful sounding. Mark shined the flashlight underneath the window, and there was a coiled up rattlesnake poised and ready to strike at a black trash bag (which had blown in from earlier’s endless wind). Grandpa went in and got his rifle, came back and shot it. The rattler was about 4 ft. long and very pretty.

So ends our exciting weekend. This week is Thanksgiving break, and as substitute teachers we receive a short break from school, too. 🙂


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