Road Trip to Ol’ San Antone

On Friday evening we all drove down to San Antonio. We stopped at Rudy’s BBQ in Waco on the way, so that Cara could have a taste of some Texas BBQ. Mark and I ate brisket and Cara tried some pork ribs, both of which were really good.

Saturday morning, we explored the Riverwalk. The river was so relaxing along with the trickling sound of the fountains mixed in with the lively Tejano and Mariachi music.

The Riverwalk

We toured the Alamo, seeing several infamous Bowie knives and Davy Crockett’s rifle. We enjoyed walking through the beautiful garden with it’s huge cacti and enormous koi fish.

Cara, Lauren, & Mark in front of the Alamo

In the middle of the Alamo Plaza is a statue in memoriam of all of the men who died at the Alamo. Lauren found her great-great-great-great grandfather, Andrew Kent, among all the names.

We ate lunch at Casa Rio, and split an enchilada plate. Then we drove down to El Mercado, which apparently is the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico. I loved all the colors and the unending amount of Christmas ornaments, nativity scenes, blankets, wrestling masks, cowboy hats, etc.

We had a great trip to San Antonio and back, and it was neat to see places in there that I remember going with my family as a child. Many memories remembered and many new memories made.


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