Our Canadian Escapade

Two weeks ago we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with the Pipes family in Texas. We made Great’s chicken and dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, chocolate pecan pie, and pumpkin pie…it was so good!

Beautiful maple trees at the Missionary Training Centre.

On Wednesday (Oct. 13th) we flew to Buffalo, New York where Mark’s parents picked us up and drove us to their home in Durham, Ontario. We spent a week there with our family and loved hanging out with everybody! We came just when the leaves were turning colors and falling on the ground, which was so beautiful. The weather gave us the chance to dust off our coats and scarves, it was a little shock to return back to Texas where it was still in the 80s.

Mark and our nephew, Allistair.

Mark’s leap into the leaves.

One of our best friends returned from Scotland a day before we left Canada, and we were so glad to see her! We also were able to spend some time with our grandparents, visit with other friends, and even former classmates from New Tribes Bible Institute!

Our nephews and nieces are the cutest kids in the whole world! We are so blessed to have them in our lives 🙂

This weekend was our annual birthday weekend. Lauren’s sister, Jordann, turned 17 on Friday, Lauren’s mom turned something on Saturday, and Grandpa turned 70 on Sunday. Our cousin, Jesse, also is turning 14 this coming week. So today we had a birthday lunch in honor of Grandpa and Jesse.

Here is the lame little fondant cake I spent 6 hours making. It’s suppose to be a drum. Not sure if fondant is worth it or not.

My chickens wanted me to post the picture of the deviled eggs. One of the eggs is a double yolker!

After a short vacation, we are back to work and are thoroughly enjoying subbing! Mark is fighting a cold, but he said on Saturday he can’t wait to work on Monday. Thank you for all your prayers these past two weeks, they were most definitely needed!

One Comment on “Our Canadian Escapade

  1. It was far from a lame cake. I admire you so much for making it. Jesse was eternally grateful for it and it was really good. You took the time to consider him and what he liked. What a special young lady you are!!!!

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