A Praiseworthy Week

This week flew by, but we have been so encouraged this week by God through the smallest and biggest things. We especially wanted to thank everyone for being such a blessing to us and keeping us in your prayers! We have most definitely felt them this past week!

Lauren went on a Grandpa Adventure to the Ft. Worth Botanical Garden on the way home from Ft. Worth on Thursday. They then stopped at the new HEB in Burleson in got gas for $2.14 a gallon and milk for $0.79 a gallon! Needless to say, we now have milk in our freezer.

Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. Lauren’s favorite part was the cactus garden and the Texas Native Forest Boardwalk.

Lauren’s garden is loving this cooler weather (it has been in the 50s in the mornings). Below are 1/3 of the radishes from the garden and boy do they have a kick. If anybody can help us figure out what to do with radishes, or would like some, just let us know!

On Friday was a field trip with the Hale family to the pumpkin patch in Bethesda. What a blast it was! A highlight was the inflatable “pillow” and taking home some pumpkins!

Lauren, Rebekah, and the awesome jump pillow.

The Raley family drove up from Austin to drop off some of Lauren’s Grandma Tatum’s belongings. It was so great to see them again, even though it was for a short visit. We now have a lot of boxes to go through.

Uncle Marion, Jenn, Lauren, & Mark.


  • The infection on Mark’s arm has completely healed! All without having to visit the doctor! Woohoo!



  • Mark was able to work every day this past week, substituting at Maypearl ISD. Lauren was also able to work a couple of days, as well as attending substitute training at Venus ISD.
  • Having the best jobs in the entire world! We love working with these awesome students and come home feeling more energized than we left. Such an amazing opportunity to plug into the community and be able to minister to those around us.
  • Our best friend, Cara, is coming to visit us in the middle of November!
  • Our chickens are all still laying eggs, and the garden is growing.
  • For all the amazing relationships that God is blessing us with.
  • For this cooler weather!

Prayer Requests

  • That we will continue to diligently study God’s Word.
  • For wisdom in future decisions we will have to make.
  • That we look for opportunities in which to serve others and serve God.
  • Please pray that we will be able to work as substitute teachers every day this week!

To God be ALL the Glory!

Mark & Lauren


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