‘Absolutely Precious’

Taken from NTM Mission News:

September 14, 2010
by Dena McMaster

On September 8, 2010 the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea heard the last evangelistic Bible lesson in the series.

“The day had finally arrived,” wrote missionary Lisa Kappeler. “It was finally time to present the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. I could hardly pray as we met this morning, getting choked up as I thought about a church being born [among the Uriay].”

The presentation included skits, Lisa reading the Scripture explaining the enactments, and Elias Struik teaching the lesson. Between the high emotions and expectations of the day and the teaching Elias and Lisa were exhausted.
Lisa and Elias talked with many of those who attended to find out how much they understood.

(Dakruma is clear and confident that she is a child of God.)

“I had the sweetest conversation first with Dakruma, who boldly declared that Jesus was her ‘punishment bearing man’,” wrote Lisa, “and then Nawiyem came over and the three of us, with Aketa just listening, talked about the Lord and all that they’d heard — absolutely precious.”

Elias talked with Lisa’s language co-worker, Aendru, and he declared that he too had trusted Christ.

“Aendru had heard the talk about Jesus but never understood the substitutionary side of things. He was in tears basically. He said that when he saw Christ hanging on the cross, he put his head down and could hardly hold back the tears.”

Several others gave a clear testimony of their understanding that Christ died for their sins and they had trusted in Him. Lisa and Elias will continue to talk with the Uriays to find out their understanding of Salvation.

Praise God with us that the Uriay people have heard the Gospel message and that many have declared their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of the Uriays’ personal testimonies of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

“It’s because of His love for us and His mercy that he was willing to die on the cross. He died so I don’t have to go to hell.” – Imi

“I am a child of God! Jesus is my punishment bearing man! His blood poured out so that I don’t have to get the punishment for my sins!” – Dakruma

“I was in Satan’s canoe and Jesus’ blood poured out to cover my sins. I am thinking with only one thinking about His talk and so I am now in God’s canoe.” – Wekot

“I almost cried. Before you all started this teaching, I was in Satan’s canoe. I have said bad things about other people, been mad, (etc.) and as I hung there, I kept thinking about how Christ bore all this pain and punishment for my sins. He died and his blood was poured out to cover my sins. I am thinking with only one thinking about that talk so I am in God’s canoe now.” – Noel (this is what he said with Lisa asked what he was thinking as he played the role of Jesus on the cross)

“I’m asking Him to change my mouth.” -Aendru (He is very clear that he is now a child of God and is already asking the Father to change his biggest source of sin)

“No, Jesus’ blood poured out to wash away my sins. He made the road so I could get into God’s canoe.” – Maria


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