Raised Garden Bed – Day 1

We started building two raised garden beds last week, after we took down the pool. We used leftover wood and Grandpa brought up some top soil from the bottom field with his tractor.

I never thought I would have to water dirt…but to break up the clods and to keep the dirt from drying out, I’ve been watering it daily.

It’s been difficult to work on since it’s been so hot during the day, so we’ve trying to wake up early to work on the beds. Fire ants have also been a pain.

Here’s a picture of the first finished garden bed! I planted brocolli, carrots, snap bush beans, English peas, beets, & radishes. Once the weather cools off, I’ll plant leaf lettuce in the other garden bed, along with more beans and carrots.

We almost hit this little armadillo on the way home the other night. We think it’s the same critter that has been digging around the yard lately.

We saw this billboard on the way to the airport to pick up Lauren’s mom. Yay! She’s going to be with us for a whole week.


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