What is Virga?

Last Wednesday, we saw followed smoke to this fire that some firemen were putting out. We think it was started by lightning.

Here is Lauren’s new vocabulary word (thanks to Grandpa)!

Virga: a form of precipitation that evaporates before it hits the ground. Low humidity and high temperatures can cause rain to evaporate completely shortly after its release from a cloud

In low, a picture of virga. You can see the white wisps of the “rain”.

We dropped off Lauren’s sister at the airport yesterday. She had to return to California to start her first day of her junior year! woohoo!

On the way home, the cold front hit.

Then it started to pour! The rain is so relaxing, and also very needed!

The night brought a beautiful Texan sunset, followed by a full moon and the sound of cicadas.

~ We have orientation for Maypearl school district on September 3rd. Pray that we will be able to work enough hours, so we won’t have to find second jobs.
~ Our health insurance was unexpectedly canceled, all we have to do is reapply, but please pray that no injuries will happen until then, haha.

~ The FBI has notified us that they have received Lauren’s record request. Once we receive this paperwork (which hopefully is soon), we can start her application for Canadian Permanent Residency.
~ It rained!


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