Spiders, Pool, & Peanut Butter

Well we have arrived in hot and humid Texas on Tuesday night.

Here are the little creatures that greeted us by the front door.

Daddy Long Legs

Spiders are everywhere!

some text
Garden Spider

On Wednesday, we took down the old pool in front yard. I forgot to take a before picture, but this is what it looked like afterwards:

some text

some text

Mark and I decided to make our own peanut butter, just because it would be more fun (and cheaper). It was really simple. All you need is peanuts, some oil, and a food processor.

some text
First you grind the peanuts for a few minutes, then add some oil and blend them for a while longer,

some text
After that, you find a jar to store the peanut butter in, and enjoy!

Yesterday we went to the DMV and we both now have Texas licenses!

We stopped by at the Maypearl school and we have orientation for substitute teaching in the first week of September, so please keep that in your prayers!

Thanks for all your prayers so far! We really appreciate them.

~Mark & Lauren


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