Camping on the Coast!

beach pic

We just got back from our anniversary trip to Salt Point State Park and Point Reyes National Seashore. It was amazing! We were able to see lots of starfish, crabs, jellyfish, sea urchins, eels, Pacific Harbor Seals, sea anemones, little fish, lots of kelp, and shells. It was so much fun, though it was foggy the entire time. We had a relaxing trip and enjoyed exploring the beautiful coast of California.

beach pic

I’m having trouble uploading pictures to Blogger, so here is a link to our photo album on Facebook (available to see even if you don’t have a Facebook account).

beach pic


One Comment on “Camping on the Coast!

  1. oh my GOSH you two are SOO cute! OH I MISSYOU! I'm coming to stay a while once you move up to Canada. The thing is that I have no money right now to come visit in Cali, but me and my good friend are looking for a trip for the fall, and you'll be on our list! We would love it, I know.


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