California & Prayer Requests

Our first project for the summer is completed! We removed the popcorn from the upstairs ceilings, painted them, and then painted the walls.

Now we are getting ready for our upcoming mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico. From June 27th to July 2nd we will be helping the Periferico church with construction and caring for elderly men and woman at the Refuge for the Elders. We are both so excited to be able to pour out our lives and be pushed out of our comfort zone. This trip has also provided a huge opportunity for us to learn to rely on the Lord, firstly, for provision of the necessary funds for the trip, and secondly, for strength to lay aside ourselves to serve others through Christ.

We have also been working lately on our applications for Lauren to become a permanent resident of Canada, which has proved to be a very time-consuming process. We were surprised today when we found out that the required medical exam is way out of our budget. Please pray for us as we are in need of wisdom, and advice, on whether or not we should pursue her dual-citizenship anymore, or if we should just both use our US citizenship when traveling abroad.


  • Our mission trip to Tijuana is in 13 days! Please pray that God will provide all the finances we still need for the trip.
  • Wisdom in our applications for Sponsorship and Permanent Residency of Canada.
  • Our ministry with the jr. high group at NorthCreek church begins this week. Pray we will take advantage of every opportunity to interact with them about God and His Word.

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Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!

Mark & Lauren
Concord, California


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