flores y techo

We have thoroughly enjoyed these past 8 days in California. Rainy season is over and there are flowers blooming everywhere!

(We are attending NorthCreek Church this summer.)

The weather has been great for hiking!

Mark found an awesome (and a 100ft high) vine during our hike.

Though we miss being students at NTBI, we are both enjoying this relaxing break. No more papers to worry about, scurrying to class after sleeping through our alarm, groceries to carry up three flights of stairs, etc.

To keep us busy, my parents have put us to work around the house. Our current project is the ceilings. We have already removed all the popcorn from the upstairs rooms and now have moved on to puttying the drywall and then to painting.


  • We made it safe and sound to California, including our four bags (which we will live out of for the next year).


  • Our mission trip to Tijuana is in 17 days! Please pray that God will provide for all of our financial needs and that He will prepare our hearts for taking part in His ministry there.
  • We will be joining our church’s summer staff for the jr. high youth group. Please pray that we’ll be attentive to the needs of these kids, to serve them, and let our actions be a light to them.
  • That we will continue to study God’s Word and keep a learner’s attitude

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