Lu-England Wedding

We drove to Winona Lake, IN last week, home of Billy Sunday and Grace College, to celebrate the wedding of Sarah Lu and Ben England. It was a beautiful wedding and we met so many amazing people.

Lauren was SarahLu’s matron-of-honour (sounds old, eh?). The bridesmaids took the bride to the Cerulean Restaurant and the food was so good!

the Bride-to-Be!

Getting ready for the big day!
The bridesmaids

The bridesmaids, jr. bridesmaids, and the adorable flowergirls

Sarah & Lauren
Mr. & Mrs. England!

Ben arranged for a boat to pick them up at the dock and take them to the place where they were staying. It was such a romantic get-away. Congrats you two!

We left yesterday and drove from Indiana back to school in Michigan to pick up some more stuff, and then finally made it back to Durham, Ontario.

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