Back in Canada

Last pic we took of Jackson

We are currently in Durham, Ontario with Mark’s family, and today was the first day since spring break that Mark and I had the chance to sleep in. Boy was it great and relaxing! I don’t think it has sunk in yet that we have graduated…it basically feels like a vacation so far and that we’ll return sometime back to our apartment at school. At the same time, we also feel like nomads since we’ll been traveling and “house hopping” until August.

Aurora (our niece) and a little frogger we found

The pond at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) was stocked with 600 trout today…5 of them 20 pounders…for a fishing derby that is taking place this weekend for the city. There are sooo many fish in there and we are really looking forward to fishing when the derby is over haha.

We went on a bush-whacking hike to Eugenia Falls this afternoon with Mum, Dad, Kris, Jon & Shanelle, and little Auroralynn and Elliot. Normally there is a lot more water, but the water table has been pretty low lately.



Some lovely birch

My handsome hubby

The hike was long and rocky, and not recommended for a toddler and a baby especially since we made our own trail down to and through the riverbed. Everyone made it back okay with just a few scratches and lots of mosquito bites.

You can barely see Jon in the middle of the picture.

Oh this is also our 100th post on our blog! Pretty crazy eh?

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