Last Class! Graduation on Saturday!

We just finished our last class ever here at New Tribes Bible Institute!

We cannot believe we are finished and that these two years are pretty much over! It’s so exciting to be done, but we also know we’re going to miss our friends (who’ve become our family) a lot.

One thing we won’t really be missing is the weather and the roads/driving. Michigan looks like this most of the time:
(View outside our bedroom window)

Let’s compare it to where Lauren lives in California (by the mountain in the background):Yep, we’re really looking forward to being in sunny California for the summer!

We have been cleaning and packing like crazy these past few days, our house is bare and all the walls have been washed and scrubbed. Mark’s parents, Lauren’s mom, and Lauren’s grandpa will be staying with us for the weekend and should be arriving sometime tomorrow night.

Mark went to the dentist today, again, to get his fillings re-filled…for free (while we’re still on Medicaid in Michigan). It’s been such a blessing to have free health care this past semester…especially since we would probably never be able to afford dental care.

Lauren has attended three out of four bridal showers these past two weeks. One of which she hosted with a friend. Here’s a beautiful cake one of our classmates made for the shower. Isn’t it gorgeous?Alright, well back to cleaning we go. Hopefully we can tackle the oven and bedroom today.


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